Me and my love for the Art's.....
Art by Carolynn Nunez
Artist statement
   Each and every single piece I create is a fragment of myself, whether it’s a visual expression of my feelings at the time or a person, place or time in my life I want to share with an audience.
In the little time I’ve pursued painting to express myself, I’ve really enjoyed the work I have produced each and every single time I’ve become more well-rounded.
As an artist, I work hard to produce paintings that speak to both me and to others about the beauty or sorrows that exist inside one’s self or in our surroundings.
Part of my process before I begin painting is to look at my surroundings and find something relevant that can impact a wide range of people or I paint what or how I’m feeling at a particular time. I do not merely want to capture an image with my brush strokes; rather, with colorful strokes, I want to invoke a sense of feelings and emotions when someone looks at my work.